Letters from our Guests

Some people ask us why they cannot find many reviews of our company on Trip Advisor. For years Trip Advisor did not allow companies like ours, that operate multiday tours exclusively, to be reviewed on their site. Many companies found dubious methods for working around this. We never did- not our style. We are now on Trip Advisor and look forward to many great reviews to come!.

Please contact us and we would be happy to provide references in addition to the feedback that we have received from some of our clients listed below.

“The whole camping in Alaska thing was 11 out of 10. The whole family had a wonderful time on the trip, which was well thought out and organized, a great range of fun activities, terrific food and fantastic company. Our entire group has exchanged contact details and photos of our trip. This has to be the best way to see Alaska. ”
Chris Moore Classic Alaskan Tour
“The equipment was solid. We were never cold. Meals were wonderful, very much exceeded expectations in this area. My only suggestion would be MORE BROWNIES! Your company always seemed most prepared, professional and willing to make the experience great versus the other ones we looked at. ”
James Alex & Amy Cutler Wildlife Tour
“This was a fantastic experience, we saw so much, the wildlife, the scenery and met interesting people and really got to know Alaska! It really was the best way to see Alaska! We loved getting out onto the glacier with crampons. My daughter loved the ice climbing. Sea kayaking was great. Thank you for a memorable, unique trip! ”
Sophie DePons and family Wildland Glacier Tour
“I would encourage anyone who has ever thought about going to Alaska to give you guys a call. You make it fun, easy, and economical. Camping allows you to spend the majority of your time actually exploring the places you pick to see. All the trails or activities were either a very short drive (less than 10 minutes), or within walking distance from the campsites. The scenery is awesome, and you’ll get to see just about every animal Alaska has to offer in the area you choose to explore. The key word in all this is “FUN”! ”
Jeffrey Sublett Classic Alaskan Tour
“Our guide absolutely went the extra mile in every way. She was a knowledgeable, charismatic, upbeat guide who ensured we had wonderful experience. ”
Doug Halsey and Tara Canty Wildlife Tour
“It has always been a dream for me to come to Alaska and I’m really happy I took part in this tour. It was a great experience with so many things to see and I hope I’ll be able to come back one day, thank you very much! ”
Saskia Unglaub Wildland Glacier Tour
“We had an incredible time, and really enjoyed the company of our fellow travelers and guides! We did this trip as our honeymoon and it was absolutely amazing!! We had the time of our lives!! ”
Craig & Erin Hanson Grand Tour Combo
“Activities were great. Kenai Fjord Cruise was excellent and I enjoyed the Denali Park bus tour. I also enjoyed the walk to Russian River Falls to see the salmon jumping. For me it was just nice being out in the wilderness and away from civilization. Overall it was a great experience and really made my holiday special. ”
Kim Wilson Classic Alaskan Tour
“We were able to do the activities that we wanted. It was impressive how many options were available to us. Nic went out of his way to help us participate in whatever activities we were interested in. We are hikers so enjoyed taking longer hikes at our stops, with our favorite being the Harding Ice Field near Seward. We also had fun with the sea kayaking near Valdez. ”
Stuart and Abbie Gentry Wildlife Tour
“We had an awesome time on the tour. Our guide was great! He made sure everyone got to do what they wanted and kept us on schedule to be able to get the most out of the trip. His meals were great; I wanted him to come home to cook for me. The tents stayed dry and warm. We had a great trip. ”
Tammy Masters Classic Alaskan Tour
“Our guide was absolutely amazing. She made me feel incredibly safe and comfortable, definitely went the extra mile to ensure group cohesion and make sure everyone was taken care of and had a good time. This was a really great trip that exceeded expectations. ”
Kim Hertz Wildland Glacier Tour
“I would definitely use Alaska Outdoors again. I liked the small group we had. The smaller group made it very easy to get to know everyone and to plan group activities. A small group made it easier to set up and take down camp in a quick and efficient manner. Also, we were able to stretch out in the van and see everything when traveling!! ”
Jackie Pfaff Wildlife Tour
“The tour was even better than we expected. Thank you very much for the job that you are doing. ”
Diana Kardash & Igor Nitchiporovitch Classic Alaskan Tour
“I would recommend this trip to ANYONE who wants to visit Alaska as it truly offers the largest variety of activities with incredibly experienced guides. As someone who has never camped before in her life (25 years old), I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I felt during the whole experience. The set up was quick and easy every time and I never needed something more. Everything provided was fantastic. The meals were one of my favorite parts! The meals were delicious, filling and healthy. I appreciate that you took the time as a company to learn what our preferences were.”
Michelle Drummy Classic Alaskan Tour
“Just a quick email to say what a fantastic trip Sarah and I had with Alaska Outdoors, what a professionally run company you have. Your two guides were second to none; nothing was too much for them always going the extra mile. I shall certainly recommend Alaska Outdoors to friends and family.Kind regards from two very happy customers.”
David and Sarah Grand Tour
“10/10 I think your guide was very knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, and efficient plus a careful & safe driver – I would recommend your company highly to anyone. I enjoyed the whole trip – only wish it was longer!! (Alaska is so huge!)”
Jane Frances Glacier Tour
“Your guide went out of his way to ensure that everyone got the most out of their vacation. He was very knowledgeable on the plants and animals and shared that knowledge with the group. I felt safe and comfortable the entire trip. I would give him a 10/10! All of our dinners by FAR exceeded my expectations. Breakfast blew me away as well. There were always multiple things to choose from and hot, delicious food to start and end the day with. Never went hungry that’s for sure!”
Shannon O’Guinn Classic Alaskan Tour
“Thank you so much for a life-changing trip that we will remember for the rest of our lives. We had an incredible time. Your guide went the extra mile and then some. He was an incredible host and extremely knowledgeable about Alaska and our surroundings. If he didn’t know something, he would always find out for us and let us know, and was always flexible and extremely patient with us "east coast city folk." We always felt safe and well taken care of with him. He was an 11.”
Phil Consuegra and Lauren Maher Classic Alaskan Tour
“I would rate both weeks with 11! Meals were great! I would say even too much in terms of quantity and selections. Overall absolutely fantastic vacation! I would recommend it to anyone who would like to experience the ‘real’ Alaska!”
Sofia Concati Grand Tour
“I just wanted to take a second out of all of our days to say on behalf of the entire Buerger clan, "WOW"!!!! I am not sure if your travelers do write and let you know, but for us, it was a great experience. From the moment your guide picked us up she was perfect. She felt immediately like a part of our family and her knowledge and experience obviously were equally amazing. ”
Tom Buerger Classic Alaskan Tour
“Having the 7 of us that have never really camped before, she made the experience incredible every day. I have been telling everyone now for a week how great the trip was and how great Alaska Outdoors was for giving us the experience. Thank you very much and I definitely hope to come back for another trip in the future as well as get others to come see you all too. Again, thanks for everything and WOW, what an amazing adventure.”
Tom Buerger Classic Alaskan Tour
“20+ Our guide was amazing. Caring, capable, delightful, wise, committed, inspiring, so much more than we could have imagined/hoped for. And he absolutely did go the extra mile in all respects. The veggie offerings at dinner and lunch were great, as were the hummus, quinoa salad, chicken salad, bean salad – wonderful!”
Debra Kolodny and Brio Kelly Howard Wildlife Tour
“I would give both guides 10/10! Nothing was too much, both went the extra mile, they were perfect.”
David Hobson Grand Tour
“Our guide was fantastic!!! Professional, knowledgeable, competent, friendly. I can't say enough good things about her. Definitely a 10. Meals were excellent and much better than I expected on a camping trip. Lots of nice snacks too.”
Suzanne Johnson Glacier Tour
“We were thrilled with our trip! We had a fantastic time and we are even considering a future trip to Alaska with your company. It far surpassed my expectations. This was my first time camping ever and it was smooth and easy traveling with your company. I loved it!!!!”
Suzanne Johnson Glacier Tour
“I thought the quality of the meals was amazing considering they were being cooked outdoors. Surpassed my expectations.”
“This was a very enjoyable trip with a nice bunch of people and an enthusiastic guide. A good way to get a feel for Alaska!”
Louise Peregrina Wildlife Tour
“I am amazed by the amount of wildlife we were exposed to, what a great trip!!! Highly recommended.”
Clair Tonkin Classic Alaskan Tour
“I would rate your guide a ten. He is awesome. He worked so hard to spot animals, arrange outings, plan hikes, cook food that we liked, etc. He is a very sensitive person who was able to spot when one of us was having difficulties and he went out of his way to make us smile. He also went well above the call of duty to make our trip special. For example, when we had an unexpectedly warm day in Valdez, he planned a picnic dinner on the wharf, complete with cut flowers for the table, fajitas and blueberries flambé!”
Barbara Delaney Wildlife Tour
“A couple of years ago, I spent 15 days rafting the Colorado through the Grand Canyon. I wasn’t sure any trip could ever match that one. But your Wildlife Tour (while different) was just as awesome.”
Barbara Delaney Wildlife Tour
“I will say it was the most memorable vacation and trip of my life and I can't wait to come back. I've never experienced a more professional and informed company. What ya’ll have is a little slice of heaven and it blessed me so much words can't describe! Koodo's to our guide for his hard work and devotion to us making this trip truly a trip of a lifetime.”
Brent McGough
“Your guide easily earned a "20" on a scale of 1-10 on every point! He set a new high bar for guides everywhere, and for thoughtfulness in general. We could not have had a better guide: he knows Alaska by heart and was able to show us not just the flora and fauna but also some of the challenges that Alaskans face.”
“Thank you so much for an outstanding trip! It was by far the best guided tour, or group camping trip for that matter, that I have ever done. I am already saving up for another trip to Alaska. President Obama visited Alaska just days after our tour ended--next time, he should sign up with Alaska Outdoors!”
Leanne Clement Wildlife Tour
“The trip is very well planned and the scenery is beautiful. In addition to all that, we had a wonderful guide, who is so very much knowledgeable of all the areas we visited. He is also very considerate, nice, polite, responsible, great cook. He made the trip for our group a wonderful experience.”
Denise Batista Wildlife Tour
“Thank you so much for accommodating my last minute trip. It was more than I could have imagined it would be. Thanks both to Alaska and my fantastic guide. . He was sincere, dedicated, motivated, enthusiastic, encouraging, intelligent, mixed with a ton of fun, and the person I would want to have as a guide and as a friend in any future excursion.”
Zachary Greenwood Classic Tour
“Thank you for facilitating a fun adventure in Alaska! Your guide did an outstanding job making us comfortable and taking care of our needs so we could explore the beautiful nature in The Last Frontier. I heartily recommend Alaska Outdoors to adventurers of all levels.”
Cody Herche Glacier Tour
“The care that was put into organizing this trip was astonishing but what really made it a great experience was our guide’s patience and knowledge. I was very impressed by my trip and I will not hesitate to suggest Alaska Outdoors to anyone I know.”
Bryan Burke Wildlife Tour
“This was an amazing and unforgettable trip. I enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks and keep up the good work!”
Antoine Linssen Grand Tour
“Taking the opportunity, I would like again to thank our guides who not only did a fantastic work on camping and feeding us, but also enjoyed travelling with us and made this travel really friendly and informal.”
Oleg Dimitriev Wildlife Tour
“Our experience was a10 out of 10! I have already recommended Alaska Outdoors to many friends and family. I was tickled to have a birthday cake on our first night camping in Valdez!”
Connie Ruth Wildlife Tour
“I would highly recommend this trip to anyone with a sense of adventure and a desire to see as much of Alaska in a set amount of time.”
Emily Knudsen Classic Tour
“A HUGE thank you for providing us with such a memorable trip! We will definitely be doing another trip with you.”
Natasha Hall and Cameron Sawers Wildlife Tour
“Thank you for three of the greatest weeks of my life.”
Doug Cutler Classic/ Glacier/ Arctic Combo Tour
“This is the fourth camping tour I have done (two in Africa and one in Australia) and this one was at the top. The guides were ALWAYS professional, friendly, competent and knowledgeable. Well done.”
Gene Simring Family Tour
“I'd just like to say a big thank you. I went to Alaska not really knowing what to expect, but at the same time had very high expectations. I ended up being blown away and all expectations were exceeded!”
Katie Hunter Classic Alaskan Tour
“It was an amazing experience; I'll never forget it and I really appreciate the work and the effort your company put in order to offer the customers the best experience.”
Laura Antonini Classic Alaskan Tour
“We will strongly recommend Alaska Outdoors to friends and family. Great atmosphere and very professional guides. It was the perfect honey moon.”
Antonia and Martin Krusbaek Classic Alaskan Tour
“We continue to be amazed at the level of respect, the good humor, the interest, the willingness to participate and the general camaraderie we shared throughout our time together. Thanks for your thoughtfulness!”
Joanne Adjoian and family Classic Alaskan Tour
“I had an awesome time and would recommend you guys to all my friends. I usually don't camp and though I was skeptical it was a pleasant experience even for a city girl. Thanks again.”
Tracy Crocker Classic Alaskan Tour
“I am glad I chose Alaska Outdoors, definitely a key factor in making my time up in Alaska very memorable.”
Maya Puliyanda Classic Alaskan Tour
“We were impressed with the opportunities to experience the real out-of-doors – camping, rafting, glacier walking/climbing, fishing, hiking, etc. You offered all of these with basically a day of traveling to a new place and a day to experience what the area had to offer. We loved our experiences. It was the trip of a lifetime! We will try to be back!”
Peter and Mary Werne Wildland Glacier Tour
“The trip lived up and even exceeded my expectations. My fellow travelers were a diverse, fun group and we bonded early on, which added to the adventure. I loved Alaska and hope to come back one day.”
Anne Workman Wildlife Tour
“An amazing value. Inexpensive way to see the real Alaska, without compromising our experience or comfort. The Wildlife Tour had it all, there wasn’t one thing on my list of things and animals to see that I didn’t see. A lot of that has to do with luck, but a big part of it is having guides that know where to put their guests to increase chances of seeing the most wildlife. Alaska Outdoors certainly did that.”
Theresa Agozzino Wildlife Tour
“This was one of the best if not the best holiday I’ve ever had. Alaska was breathtakingly beautiful. The tour group was fabulous and really gelled together and our guide was ‘totally awesome’. I commend Alaska Outdoors for their insight and organization and hospitality. I would recommend your tour company in a heartbeat.”
Katherine Ryan Wildlife Tour
“Thanks for a great holiday. I enjoyed all aspects of it, especially being so close to nature and all it has to offer. Thanks!!!”
Faye Gorman Wildlife Tour
“We would rate our experience on this trip a 10. We had a wonderful time and would recommend your company to others. We did a week of cruising the week before we camped with you. We felt that we actually "experienced" Alaska on the camping portion of our vacation. Thanks for a great vacation!”
Brian and Joni Richmond Classic Alaskan Tour
“Heidi [Alaska Outdoors’ Guide] was a perfect 10. If I need to live in the wild, she is the only thing I need with me.”
Angela NG Wildlife Tour
“We would just like to reiterate what a fantastic experience this has been for us. Coming from so far away, we were a little unsure of what to expect. Alaska Outdoors has been successful in providing us with a superbly comfortable camping experience, some landscapes and wildlife that we will not forget in a hurry, and last but not least, friends that we shared some great times and will keep in touch with. From both of us a big thank you.”
Amrita Deb and Mark Manchanda Classic Alaskan Tour
“This trip has been a great experience. Your itinerary and places we stopped to camp were just amazing. This trip is definitely in my top 3!”
Anne-Cecile Meyer Wildlife Tour
“Thanks a lot, it’s something I’m going to remember for the rest of my life, it was such a great trip, A+ for everything, it was the best way to travel in Alaska for the first time.”
Francis Rouleau Classic Alaskan Tour
“The breakfasts (with good quality coffee) and dinners were all excellent and varied, the brownies cooked in the Dutch oven were superb, and I appreciated that my request for "no garlic" was taken seriously.”
François-Marie Patorni Wildlife Tour
“The overall experience was so good that it can’t be talked about adequately. Basically you can tell we are very, very satisfied clients and your guides had everything to do with that. Alaska contributed a fair share as well. We’ll never forget the experience that was created by you and your guides.”
Greg Kolar Classic/ Arctic/ Glacier Combo Tour (21 days)
“You’ve got a great organization!”
Jim Nehring Classic Alaskan Tour
“I really liked what I got and felt like I got everything promised and more. The guides were amazing, their knowledge and their great personalities were a great benefit to the tour.”
“Thank you, for an amazing two weeks! I’ll be back for the Arctic trip and if you guys ever do a winter – northern lights trip I’ll be there!!”
Kim Kisling Grand Tour Combo
“I would rate my experience as a 10.”
“All equipment provided was very satisfactory. There was nothing I felt I needed that I didn’t get.”
“The meals were very good and there was a big selection, my guides went out of their way to make sure that there was food without nuts as I have a nut allergy.”
“I enjoyed my time with Alaska Outdoors very much, it was extremely well planned and the guides went out of their way to ensure that everyone was happy and safe. I would just like to say thanks for making this a trip I will never forget.”
Rachel Salveta Classic Alaskan Tour
“I would rate my experience a 10. I enjoyed this trip very much.”
Roger Stein Arctic Tour
“All in all it was the best vacation I’ve had in years. I want to come back for sure and do the arctic trip! Thanks to all of you to organize this!”
Roos Keppler Grand Tour
“We could not have toured Alaska and seen so many extraordinary animals, majestic landscapes and terrains, experienced overwhelmingly wonderful moments on the rivers & mountains and had so much fun without your tour company”
The Wade Family Classic Alaskan Tour
“Everything was perfect! I would rate my trip an 11!”
Teresa Vinson Classic Alaskan Tour
“I’d rate the trip a 10+. For me, it was a perfect combination of doing things outdoors and learning more about where I was visiting. I thought the trip planning was well thought out, I don’t think there would be any way to improve this trip.”
“I believe camping is the only way to see Alaska and driving down the center, seeing the terrain change and getting into more remote areas was unforgettable”
Elaine Taylor
“I will say I have been telling everyone I know and many of my customers that asked me about my trip, I tell them about you and that you are the best. It seems as though you have a great group of employees that love what they do. Keep up the good work!”
The Bird Family
“Hope we can do it again sometime! We all had a great time and all hope it won't be our last trip to Alaska.”
John W. Hall
“Thank you for all of your time and patience with all of us. I know all of us had a super time and a time we will never soon forget. Thank you again and continue doing a great job.”
Clay Howard
“Wonderful trip! In traveling another two weeks after the Alaska Outdoors trip, I met other travelers and learned about other companies. Given all that, I would pick your company again. The trips are just the right size for my taste and the mix of camping and hiking was great!”
Linda Andrews
“We had a great time. I would definitely consider another one of your trips.”
John Fanta
“Keep up the good work. I will definitely recommend you if next year’s class wants to go to Alaska.”
Chris Elliott
“Each adventure/experience was a true high! I had a great time!”
Jewell Smith
“I just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our "Classic Alaskan" camping tour with Sophie. She was high spirited, organized, timely, went out of her way to be helpful in every way possible and I know that everyone in our group felt the same way! If she didn't know something, she immediately found the answer. She dropped what she was doing to make flight arrangements for us. Thanks to her, we were able to fly around Denali the ONLY hour that it was visible the three days we were there! I just wanted to let you know we thought very highly of her as a guide and would recommend you and your company whenever we have the chance!”
Jeannine Diner
“You spoiled us with your promptness and accuracy. The trip was more than we had imagined. We have told almost everyone we know about you and anyone else who would listen”
Pat and Bill Kackley
“I appreciate so much your knowledge, professionalism, leadership, patience, organization, hard work and cooking. Thank you so much for everything.”
Jane Wang
“I want to another trip with Alaska Outdoors- a longer one this time-and bring some friends. Thanks for a spectacular vacation.”
Sam Tritico
“I have not met any other guides with such a worry and concern as Mark and Sophie for my safety, comfort, enjoyment, diet, conversations, friendship… and music. Thank you!”
Maria Eugenia Azagra
“In all, this was overall the best organized tour I’ve ever taken. I would be delighted to recommend your services to any and all potential clients.”
Ofra Razel
“The staff and owner were extremely attentive and energetic… each campground was spectacular- a photo opportunity at every turn. I had a FANTASTIC TIME and I eagerly anticipate my return trip.”
Jaqueline Randolph
“Your personal attention to everyone and willingness to go an extra mile (and sometimes way out of your way) to make every client happy should be an example for everyone else. I’ll be more than happy to recommend Alaska Outdoors to anyone interested in getting close and personal with this great land.”
Vitaly Zinovyev
“Our guide really did "go the extra mile". She worked so hard and made sure that the needs of every single person in the group were catered to- cooking, taking us to and from places, booking trips on our behalf, recommending hikes- she did it all!”
Paula Yeoman
“Thanks for making this vacation one of the best we have ever taken”
LuAnn Anderson
“Our guide was very knowledgeable and experienced which resulted in a richer experience for me.”
Wanda Lanier
“It was a wonderful week. Time out of time to just live in the now and experience the joy of being outdoors with good company and an experienced and fun-loving guide.”
Mary Odell
“Words just won’t do it justice- all I can say is thank you for the best experience of my life-something everyone, especially city-slickers, should experience for themselves. Thank you.”
Tanya Beauchamp
“Campgrounds were wonderful. The settings were beautiful and the surrounding areas were fun to discover and enjoy the elements.”
Blanche Cumiskey
“I cannot express completely how magnificent this trip was. From the moment J picked me up to the moment he dropped me off at the airport. His enthusiasm, care and knowledge never waned. I was very lucky to have met him and have him as our guide. I have many wonderful memories and experiences. I will certainly travel with you again. Thanks so much!”
Scott Steiner
“I have referred your company to everyone I’ve told about my trip. I had an amazing time and totally enjoyed my experience.”
Becky Sekosky
“I feel like I couldn’t have chosen a better way to see Alaska. It was great to spend all day and every night in the beautiful outdoors. I think I would have missed out on a lot if I had chosen a tour that used hotels every night.”
Madonna Gardner
“I can’t stop talking about my trip!”
Barbara Matievich
“Over a number of years we have participated various camping tours in Norway, Russia/ Eastern Europe, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia, Western Australisa, and South Africa. The two week Alaska camping tour with Alaska Outdoors was by far the best- not just because of the superb scenery and activities, but also because of the brilliant planning and organization of the itinerary, small group size, quality of equipment and camp sites, excellent food, and above all your own personal care and attention to every detail and personal interest in each tour participant. Thank you!”
Heather and David Wells
“I am more than happy to recommend Alaska Outdoors to anyone interested in getting close and personal with this great land. The way your tours are designed, organized and conducted is superior. Your personal attention to everyone and willingness to go the extra mile (and sometimes way out of your way) to make every client happy should be an example to everyone else.”
Vitaly Zinovyev
“The small intimate group setting really complimented the striking beauty that was all around us. We thank you all for making it a memorable trip and hope to come back again very soon.”
Jody and Aric Frantz
“An amazing value. An inexpensive way to see the real Alaska without compromising our experience or comfort. The Wildlife Tour had it all; there wasn’t one thing on my list of things and animals to see that I didn’t see. A lot of that has to do with luck, but a big part of it is having guides that know where to put their guests to increase chances of seeing the most wildlife. Alaska Outdoors certainly did that.”
Theresa Agozzino

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We had a great time. I would definitely consider another one of your trips.

-John Fanta


Our guide was very knowledgeable and experienced which resulted in a richer experience for me.

-Wanda Lanier


Thanks for making this vacation one of the best we have ever taken

-LuAnn Anderson