Valdez and Prince William Sound

Often referred to as the 'Little Switzerland" of Alaska, Valdez is beautifully situated at the base of the towering Chugach Mountains on the shores of Prince William Sound. Made famous by the Alaska Pipeline, and later the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Valdez has since become a popular tourist destination. Visitors are attracted to the lush landscape, high concentration of glaciers and great fishing.

Trips to Valdez include a trip across Prince William Sound on the Alaska State Ferry. We'll look for bears, humpback and killer whales, Dall porpoises, sea lions, harbor seals and mountain goats as we relax and enjoy the scenery. En route we'll pass the Columbia Glacier, one of the largest and most magnificent tidewater glaciers in the state. The Columbia glacier covers an area the size of Los Angeles and cast thousands of tons of ice into the sea each year. As we pass the Columbia we'll search for seals sunbathing on the floating ice-bergs.

We spend a full day in Valdez taking advantage of the variety of activities available.

These activities can generally be arranged throughout your trip with some of the finest local adventure tour companies in the state. Your guide will make all of the arrangements. Optional activities are merely suggestions and do not include all of the possibilities. All activities may not be available at the time of your tour. Prices listed here are subject to change and do not include local taxes or fees.

If you have any questions about these activities please contact us.

Adventure tours located at the Valdez and Prince William Sound

Sea Kayaking

There are two sea kayaking trips from Valdez that we highly recommend.

An outstanding sea kayaking trip to the face of Shoup Glacier: view wildlife and a tidewater glacier, perfectly suitable for beginners. On this full day trip you will paddle within a protective cove past one of the largest Kittiwake rookeries in the area up to the face of Shoup Glacier. If you are lucky ice from the glacier will calve into the sea.

Or, consider the slightly longer trip to the Columbia Glacier, the largest tidewater glacier in Prince William Sound! Here you can paddle among the icebergs and through some remote bays that are completely inaccessible by motorized boats.

Glacier/Wildlife Cruises

Look for wildlife and enjoy the outstanding glacial scenery while you cruise Prince William Sound. Not only will you see South Central Alaska’s largest tidewater glacier, the Columbia Glacier, you will have the opportunity to view fantastic wildlife of that area including; sea lions, whales, seals, puffins, sea otters, eagles, goats, bears and much more.

Ocean Fishing

Fish for halibut and/or salmon. Your choice of either an all day Halibut fishing trip, approximately 12 hrs, between May and September; or a silver salmon charter between July and September.

More Information

For more information about any of the adventures listed above and for current day trip prices, call us toll free (800) 320-2494 or contact us.

Did you know?

The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 was centered in Prince William Sound and was a magnitude 9.2. It is the most powerful recorded earthquake in U.S. history. It is also the second largest earthquake ever recorded, next to the M9.5 earthquake in Chile in 1960.

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